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Lowest Price

Since our hardwood comes directly from the factory, we cut out the middleman. This saves money that could be spent elsewhere.

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Supreme Quality

PurezaWood reigns atop the engineered hardwood market for incomparable quality.
Find out why.

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Custom Design

Don’t let your creativity be caged by product availability. Working with unfinished hardwood allows for individuality and color customization of your choice.

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Walk on hardwood that is dependable. PurezaWood provides a product that will stand the test of time.

Quality You Can See

It’s one thing to talk about how our Walnut and White Oak engineered hardwood is far superior to the competition. It’s another to show you just how we blow away the field.

Refinish: Our walnut and white oak give you the ability to refinish your hardwood 2-5 times. As for our competitors, you can never refinish their hardwood.

Strength & Stability: Due to its high-quality construction, our 9-layer plywood provides strength against moisture content. This thickness and volume of layers create stability to combat wear and tear.

Resistant to Warping: All plywood runs the risk of warping, but Russian Baltic Birch plywood stacks the odds in your favor. Not to mention, the thickness of ⅝” in walnut engineered and ¾” in white oak engineered hardwood floor certainly helps as well. The cross-banded layers of 1.5 mm thick birch veneer promise to give you flatter hardwood floor.

Resistant to Cupping: Compared to solid hardwood, cupping happens with our engineered hardwood at a lower temperature. This restricts mother nature from damaging your floor even in harsh conditions.

Superior Nail Holding: Russian Baltic Birch nails stick and hold with 100% of their threads. Compared to secondary plywood, the material used is much softer and doesn’t have the same power and longevity.

Safer for Your Health: Buying unfinished hardwood floor ensures that you will be using U.S. standardized chemicals to color and finish your floor. This removes any worry about purchasing hardwood treated with harmful chemicals or bacteria.

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PurezaWood Engineered Hardwood Floor vs. Competitor’s Engineered Type

quality you can see - White Oak

Specs of White Oak Engineered Hardwood Floor

Specs of Walnut Engineered Hardwood Floor

Limitless Color Custom

From colorless (natural) to classic brown or modern grey, our factory unfinished hardwood is a blank canvas that we can stain to match your desired taste. Whether you decide to go with a water or oil based finished, the product you’re working with has the versatility to suit your needs. So feel free to ask us about our variety of color customization options.

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  • White Oak Ceil Gray
  • White Oak Beynac
  • White Oak Tuscany
  • White Oak White Wash
  • White Oak Fossil
  • White Oak Provence
  • White Oak MT.Blanc
  • White Oak Black Noir
  • White Oak Brun Clair
  • White Oak Grey Sky
  • White Oak GreyStone
  • White Oak Cloud
  • White Oak Sahara

Engineered Walnut

  • 5” Width
  • 5/8” Thickness
  • Random Lengh
  • 2mm Wear Layer of Walnut
  • 9 Layers of Russian Baltic Birch Plywood

Engineered White Oak

  • 7” or 8“ Width
  • 3/4” Thickness
  • Random Lengh
  • 5mm Wear Layer of White Oak
  • 9 Layers of Russian Baltic Birch Plywood